A Space Odyssey

Art is hecking pricey, wallpaper is a huge commitment we’re not willing to make just yet, and mirrors are too easy an option. Pretty up your biggest, window-free wall with these Pinterest-worthy alternatives. 


Cut a rug //

Made by GUR — the name might give it away — this wall art is technically a rug. This particular one is a collab with Italian brand Fabrica and is made using a traditional handloom technique. Each GUR rug is limited to a run of 50 — IKEA ubiquity this most resolutely ain't. 


See, make, hang //

The Wandering Orion is a Barcelona-based company making wordy banners, like CREATE, one saying ‘Try’ and some slightly less inspirational. Like ‘plant killer’. All their products are handmade using 100% cotton and woollen felt. It'd make a cute, motivational addition to a home office.


Hats off //

This is a hat. Legit. Traditionally, juju hats were made for Cameroon’s royal families and tribal leaders, it’s now the ideal adornment to bring the drama to your living room. Top tip from Audenza — spray the dyed feathers with a mix of water and drops of essential oil, then blow dry to fluff it up.


DIY Macrame

Get the kit from Wool and the Gang to create this macrame wall hanging, complete with instructions and hanger. They claim it takes just four hours, but no presh. Use the yarn provided (made with fabric cut-offs from Turkish factories) to make a one-of-a-kind, retro decoration.



Again, this throw by Affaire 46wasn’t originally intended as a wall hanging. But you don’t follow the rules — you’re a maverick. Designed by UK artist Daniel Fletcher, hang the completely cotton beaut Mooney throw and marvel at its appeal for the rest of your days.


Don't DIY Macrame

Oh My Clumsy Heart is a jewellery brand based in this very city. They’re about to launch a homewares collection, and their macrame plant hangers will be out at the end of this month. Wall hangings are available from early 2018, so definitely keep eyes peeled.