Notes on... Funky Lobster at 1,000 Trades


Pop-ups can be risky. Not double-denim risky but issues around consistency, temperature and wait time are more common than a pesky cold when it comes to temporary food. Be confident you're going to get a delish plate with Funky Lobster, taking over the kitchen at 1,000 Trades until the end of October.

An exclusively pescatarian mealtime is quite possibly our fave, which makes us almost unpleasantly difficult to please. But pleased we were with the adeptly cooked scallops (£7), garlicky moules (£6.50) and insanely comforting curried monkfish (£15) — think a fresh edamame and lemon filled sauce rather than anything approaching a masala — Southeast Asian rather than Indian in feel. And if you're hitting up a locale with "lobster" in its name you have to convince at least one of your number to order accordingly. Coming with saffron dauphinoise and green beans (£17), you won't struggle.

Offering a genuine neighbourhood feel and with food far beyond its transient stay, take someone entirely exceptional to enjoy this one with — you're not going to want to leave. Menu.