Notes on... El Borracho de Oro


"The one constant through all the years," says James Earl Jones in Field Of Dreams "Has been baseball." He's totally wrong, of course. The one constant through all the years is El Borracho De Oro, the Edgaston-placed stalwart of a Spanish restaurant. Baseball is just boring rounders.

El B, as all the cool kids aren't calling it, has just launched its new menu, handily dividing dishes up into three categories: From the PastureFrom the Sea and From the Ground.

Meaty felicity can be found in the richness of the pork cheek in red wine, served with potato mousseline. You'll feel the depth deep down in your heels, and a smart selection of wine will cut through the fattiness. Try the Lágrimas de Garnacha, Navarra on for size.

From the oceans the grilled scallops with black pudding are the pick, but are honourably disqualified for brazenly containing meat. Taking gold by default, then, are the sublime prawns in garlic and chilli. A DIY job on the peeling, this is snap and slurp stuff, plate-sharing joy.

And finally the veggie victory goes to the red piquillo peppers stuffed with Spanish goats cheese. The aforementioned grape will work equal wonders up against this jazzy little quest. Win, win, win.