Notes on... High Chai at Zindiya


T'is not the season for half measures, polite flavours and understated palettes. T'is the season for zingy, vibrant twists. And if you're afternoon tea-ing this side of summer, Zindiya's High Chai is your fix.

The beginning of the story is all about chai but you decide in what form — as an infused Prosecco or delicate masala tea. And you totally have time for both across the course of the afternoon, this isn't a rush job. Next up, more than a take on the Brit classic, the Mumbai Sandwich is  an actual thing in India and consists of soft white bread filled with a coriander and mint chutney, which we may or may not have consumed with every element of the tea after requesting an extra dish of the green elixir. 

Homemade cardamon scones, almond and pistachio spiced shortbread, and Miss Macaroon macarons all happily feature in the sweet portion of events. But the picks for us were easily the paneer tikka, cooked in Zindiya's tandoor, and the texture-tastic bhel puri, which looks happily like an ice-cream and is served with a proper tasty tamarind.  

Served 2pm 'til 5pm, booking is essential. From £14.95.