Notes on... Wreath-making at the Birmingham and Midland Institute


If you’re anything like us, you’re always pinning DIY projects to a Pinterest board that you'll never get round to doing. Christmas wreaths are firmly on that list. Every. Single. Year.  We have all the best intentions, but the reality is we do better with some encouragement (and a teeny bit of hand-holding) when venturing into uncharted, crafting waters.

Enter Grace A. Williams, the Christmas wreath Queen of The Birmingham and Midland Institutewho, as a visual artist and trained florist, is a pretty heckin’ qualified tutor. The workshop teaches the basic principles in floral design that can be applied to arrangements generally, as well as learning to create a traditional wreath. A forest-worth of materials are provided. Think fresh spruce, tree ivy and holly, plus a luxuriant ribbon game, with plenty of colour options to ensure every wreath is unique. Grace's step-by-step guidance means you’ll quickly go from the foundations to inciting max jealousy amongst all the people you're going to be inviting round, purely to see your scented masterpiece. There are no more than 25 in the class to ensure each wreath-maker gets plenty of support during the fully festive five hour workshop. No experience necessary — just a willingness to get your hands all foliagey, and next year you’ll have the knowledge to single-handedly create your own wreath.

Get a spot on the workshop right here. It's at The Birmingham and Midland Institute (where there's always plenty going on), from 11am til 4pm, Dec 2.