Wish List

Wasn’t life easier when you thumbed through a catalogue, turned the pages over on everything you wanted, and Santa did the rest? Or maybe that was just us. Consider this the grown-up equivalent, forward to the gift buyers in your life or treat yo self.

£25 and under


Statement-making earrings from Decorator's Notebook are the best kind of earrings // Upgrade from the usual xmas choc fodder with a Nicaraguan chocolate collection from Land // Ease the return to the office with a cutesy terrazzo lunch box // Scrub away the Christmas excesses with the daily cleansing ritual from the Magic Organic Apothecary.

£50 and under


The vase from Menu depicts a mythical creature rising from the water. We just think it's chic as heck // Glossier is now available in the UK and they claim their perfume smells like *you*. No, we don't understand either // A wreath wax stamp is the thing no longer missing from every letter-writer's bureau // Take self-gifting to the next level with handmade, sheer lace undies from London-based Jody Shafton.

£100 and under


White sneaks are kind of having a moment. Practical they ain't, but DGAF cool they are // Ghostly and not at all scary Portrait J, was designed by Guðrið Syderbø, based in the Faroe Islands// The weekend bag of dreams is from Ferm Living, our go-to for Scandi joy // No festive list would be quite complete without sparkly indulgence in jewel-y form. V have got you covered with the Robyn ring.