Your day, in tea

Meetings come and meetings go but it's hot drinks that punctuate our days. And though the right drop has a lot to do with mood and taste, if you're trying to make nice with a caffeine habit — or you like tea as much as we do — we've got a thorough refresh of your hours by the mug. Tutorage comes from the lovely folk at T2, whose store launched in the Bullring earlier this month.

Good, green mornings
Green tea is a gentle hello to the day, which — with less caffeine than black tea, and much less than coffee — provides a hydrating, steady source of stimulation. The green rose loose leaf (pictured) also tastes delicious. Brew at 80°C to avoid the subtle flavours being overpowered. You don't need a fancy tap, just add 1/4 cold water to the boiling stuff.


Hard working leaves
Though green tea gets us through the office door, something altogether more busty is our next requirement. And as T2 originated in a small shop in Melbourne, its eponymous black blend seems particularly apposite. A nod to the city's huge reputation for coffee, the full-bodied brew has vanilla notes.

Tummy time
The memo about the benefits of mint teas to digestion have been well circulated and adhered to. But it's actually a pretty looking blend which includes fennel, juniper berries, marigold petals, liquorice root and rose buds that we've been sipping post-lunch. Steep as many times as you like, Detox also has hangover lifting qualities.

Tea with a ritual
Need an excuse to pause and create? Matcha is a lauded, green, powdered tea, traditionally used as part of Japanese ceremonies. Buy yourself a matcha bowl — they're beautiful — and using a bamboo whisk, whip the tea with 80°C water until fluffy. Odd Japanese faux pas: It's considered hugely offensive to touch the bottom of the matcha bowl with said whisk.


Big ticket leaves
One more intake of caffeine is what we look for mid-afternoon, and a delicious, decadent way to achieve that is Oolong Formosa (partially oxidised unlike black tea which is fully so). Steep and re-steep for between three and six minutes — and if you're anything like us — marvel as the balled tea unravels into lovely looking, long leaves.

Something sweet
If it's a school night, from here on in, it's all about herbal. And we were massively sold on the virtues of going for something slightly sweet post-supper in place of that sharing bag of [insert downfall here]. Apple crumble tisane somehow tastes baked, with hints of cinnamon and homeliness in equal measure.

Happy hour
If it's the weekend or any evening that could vaguely be described as summery, how's about a pitcher of sunshine? Fill a jug with ice, lemon and more lemon. Whip up your matcha, add vodka or gin as preferred, then load with soda. Also a little bit incredible as an affogato over coconut ice-cream.