Chilled Cherry Tomato and Red Basil Essence

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Recipe from Adam Stokes, of Adams Restaurant

Ingredients (serves 4)
1kg Ripe Cherry Tomatoes (get the best you can)
10g Sea Salt
15g Red Basil
6 spears of Green Asparagus
20 small Carrot balls
8 mini Cucumber Flowers
Small leaves of Red Basil


In a food processor blend the cherry tomatoes, sea salt and red basil until just broken up - 10 seconds maximum. 

Transfer this into a double muslin cloth and hang in the fridge, over the next hour a crystal clear liquid will drip through and collect all the contents in a bowl. 

In a pan of boiling water cook the carrot balls and asparagus till tender. Cool immediately in ice. Slice the asparagus into small pieces. 

Present in a bowl and garnish with the cooked mixed vegetables, add the red basil leaves, cucumber flowers and the micro cucumbers too. 

Enjoy on a sunny afternoon with a glass of cold Spanish Albarino or Provence Rose.