Make the meat-eaters weep

If Craig David's Seven Days was about National Vegetarian Week (we're on day two by the way), it would have been a triple platinum selling journey through our city's seven best veggie dishes. Sadly though, it wasn't, so you'll have to make do with our rhythmless, wordy version instead. Altogether now... "♫ On my way to see my friends ♫"


Where: Simpsons
What: Asparagus and goat's cheese

Two of our favourite things are asparagus and goat's cheese. Throw in beautiful nasturtiums, wild garlic flowers and crispy wild rice — cooked, dried and deep fried to achieve the requisite texture — and we're pretty much yours. Sample menu.

Where: Hampton Manor
What: Cheese on toast

One stop from Hampton — Ram Hall Farm's unpasteurised Berkswell has been reimagined on this Michelin newbie's menu regularly. The slightly salty, savoury notes of the pecorino-esque lovely lend themselves to mushies and toast. Menu.

Where: Adams
What: Chilled tomato essence

It's obligatory to try this clear cherry tomato soup with a supremely chilled glass of Albarino. Made with asparagus, micro cucumbers, carrot balls and red basil, Adam claims the dish is so easy to make he's handed over the recipe and everything. Menu.

Where: Opus
What: Crispy filo goat's cheese basket

Little known fact: this is vegetable-loving Opus' second best-selling starter after their fishcake. Made from veggie rennet, the cheese has a dark honey aroma and the quick fried sweet onions a crispy texture. Menu.

Where: Purnell's
What: Cheese and potato pie gratin

A dish based on a Ma Purnell creation from Glynn's childhood, you won't find this gratin on a formal menu. Purnell's don’t print a veg carte but instead talk to each plant-based diner about what makes their food world all sparkly and unicorn-like.

Where: Carters
What: Smoked curd, grilled asparagus juice

Curds and whey are split, before the former is smoked in applewood. God's own asparagus is BBQed and juiced. Moseley-foraged wild garlic flowers finish the dish, which goes gloriously with Vino Bianco from Channing Daughters. Menu.

Where: The Cross
What: Baked celeriac

Over in Simpsons' Kenilworth kin, it's all about salt baked celeriac and English verjus sauce — a sour but delicious invention. Also plated with roasted root veggies, lingonberries, chestnuts and salted pumpkin seeds complete the dish. Sample menu.