Notes on... Tom's Kitchen

Oh, so you’re the kind of person that takes brunch seriously? Let us re-acquaint you with Tom’s Kitchen. They’re so serious about brunch they serve it until 5pm on Sundays (and 3pm Saturdays), meaning you can have the latest of lie-ins and still make it in time for a life-lifting Bloody Mary. Wye Valley asparagus was the highlight of a meal of highlights. Served with a poached egg, what could have been just another egg-based brunch was made word-worthy by the unexpected addition of savoury granola and truffled hollandaise — a refreshing take on oft-seen pre-lunch ingredients. For the most refined of finales, Mrs Beeton’s Snow Eggs did right by the Victorian cookery legend — meringue in a light creme anglaise is simple and light, but mighty effective. The crunch of honeycomb and toasted almonds sits happily alongside the tart, jam-like blackcurrant, so happily that this dessert devotee made an almost audible ‘hurrah’.