Notes on... IKEA and HAY collab

Our uni house mate once cried when the IKEA ad came on TV. In her defence, we'd had a big night, and she is Swedish. IKEA recently hosted Democratic Design Days, an insight into upcoming collections and products. The YPPERLIG collaboration with HAY, a Danish husband and wife duo is one to make minimalist design lovers the happiest kind of happy.
A stalwart in homes around the globe, their skill for mass producing low-cost, simple solutions is hardly an insight. But the collection with HAY makes their products feel less throwaway and more covetable. There are 72 pieces, all of which are typical of both Scandi brands – simple and understated. The HAY influence is evidenced from some sophisticated touches and more sleek silhouettes than normally seen at IKEA. And it puts HAY at a much more affordable price point than we’re used to.

Our picks are the YPPERLIG chair, the nest of tables and grey two-seater sofa (pictured). They’ve even given the classic blue IKEA FRAKTA bag an overhaul. The design house's interpretation has a typical HAY green colour scheme and is sustainable – it’s made from recycled crisp packets. Actual crisp packets. 
The YPPERLIG collection will be available from October 2017, prices start at £1.50.