Not your average Joe

Up to 60% of the human body is made up of water. If you're anything like us the remaining 40% is pretty much entirely coffee. This weekend our caffeinated excitement is boiling over because 40 independent coffee shops, vendors and makers are coming to Birmingham Coffee Festival, on Saturday and Sunday from 10am. Here's the hap-haps.


Quarterhorse Coffee are hosting 32 baristas, all competing in a latte art, pre-festival, throw down, at the bean grinders' Bristol Street HQ on Friday night. The Birmingham Barista Royale, as the understated little number is titled, is the only event taking place outside the Custard Factory, where you'll find the main fest.


Every bar of Doisy & Dam chocolate contains at least 8% superfoods, and much more importantly, is superdelish. Their BIG big range of combos pair well with different types of coffee, which is exactly what you should speak to the environmentally-minded chocolatiers about this weekend. Burton-on-Trent based Oddfellows are also on choccie.


Henny & Joe's create chai syrup blends that are free of caffeine, preservatives and colourings, and just so happen to be vegan friendly. As well as adding to your coffee fix, they're ideal for use in baking and cocktails. Talking of which, Saava Bars are on drinks of the alcoholic persuasion, once you've nailed all 40 exhibitors' offerings. 

Ippuku Tea is bringing their matcha range. If you're not familiar with the Japanese process of making the green stuff (which starts from a powder), it involves a cathartic experience with a bamboo whisk and is associated with all sorts of health shiz. Shrewsbury's Aroma will be doing no less fancy things with black and herbal teas.

200 Degrees has been in the city for a year now and appears in the upper echelons of our coffee list — go try their carefully curated caffeine. And if your days start and end in the black stuff, check out Fracino's wares, a global brand that manufactures 90% of their machines in Aston and is launching its new home morning maker to the festival.


If cake is to coffee what Keenan is to Kel, make time for Babbaloo’s Bakery who hang their rep on dairy free, egg free, vegan and gluten free yum yum. We’ve got both eyes on the vegan brownie bake box, as well as the comp'ed tasters you're totally entitled to from all exhibitors. It's £6 in advance or £8 on the door. Go forth and buzz your way through the weekend.