Notes on... Dance Insights

We’re convinced that we could have pursued a career in dance, if only we’d been more willing to give up our free-time for the cause. And had some natural rhythm. And so the opportunity for an insight into the process of creating a piece of dance is a welcome one, that DanceXchange debuted last week with the first in their Dance Insights series. The four winners of the dx Spring Choreography Award showcased each of their works in progress and talked about the concepts and processes behind them.

The majority of the audience seemed to be from a dance background and so at times the discussion became fairly technical — anyone for a bit of ‘dramaturgy’? — but hearing choreographers talk about the creative process in an informal setting gave this amateur appreciator both a deeper understanding of the art of dance and all the respect for the people behind sequences that often seem so completely natural and effortless.

The final performance, Three, was the longest, and closest to being a finished body of work, with striking use of lighting on set. Its choreographer and performer, Subhash Viman, comes from a hip-hop background with elements of classical dance, which is evident through his unusual, almost liquid-like movement. After the performance, he explained that Three had been through numerous stages, working with a range of people before it got completely stripped back to make the intention of the piece — about the three stages of life — really clear. Hearing from Viman offered an unrivalled look at the background to the work, and DanceXchange will be offering further insights as part of their soon to be announced Autumn season. Keep a lookie on their website for the deets.