Best Dressed Guest

Six and counting — our PB for wedding invites, all happening in 2017. And despite our mammoth measures of experience, the “what shall I wear?” dilemma doesn’t seem to get any easier. So we’ve put together options for the traditional and the less conventional amongst you.  But of course, no white. Never ever white.

The City Wedding

Is this two piece millennial pink? Probably. Anything that is in keeping with a Wes Anderson colour palette is A-OK with us, and the smart suit option makes it just right for a town hall followed by a restaurant. Add some colour with hot pink lips and fun with pom-pom earrings. Because why not?


The Stately Home Wedding

A plush country pad is probably the moment to keep it formal. This dress is midi length, so no chance of baring too much flesh (heaven forfend!). But there’s no reason to forfeit all fun — glamour comes by way of these hoop droppers, and Ruby Woo is your fail-safe burst of colour.


The Destination Wedding

Mention of international nuptials immediately makes us think yachts, white sand and multiple Aperol Spritz. The reality often involves coaches, high heat and mozzy menaces — but this loose-fitting, open back jumpsuit is comfortable (win) and screams ‘French Riviera’ (double win).