Notes on... Two Cats Kitchen

It's a tricky one. Your editor is a pretty staunch pescatarian and you have to report back that your favourite dish of four on the Two Cats taster menu included shaved lambs heart. Tough gig. Totally worth it.

Two Cats, for those who haven't kept their ear to the gourmet ground, is an alluring and petite restaurant in the JQ that'll close its doors for the final time on September 30. A truly sad-making loss given the creative and dazzling dishes they've become synonymous with over the last two years. They're not getting the custom they need and nothing's going to change that. However, it would be nice if the city repaid one of boldest of Birmingham's foodie revolutionaries by stopping by before they 86 the entire menu and close up.

You won't be disappointed. We convinced the staff to let us trade our dessert for the beetroot, caramelised curds and lamb heart and it turned out to be a moment of negotiating genius. A rompingly rich dish, earthy and unforgettable it tasted every bit as good as it looked and it looked this good. The preceding dish was a float-away-light heritage tomato in chia seeds while the succeeding dish was succulent trout of Laphroig-level smokiness. We could tell you about the final dish (lamb), but we really feel it more vital to use this space to re-emphasise how important it is that you book in before these two talented cats wander off and reinvent themselves.  Menu