Notes on... Lost & Found

Chances are you've visited the Lost & Found and managed to not get too bogged down in the tale of Hettie G Watson, Birmingham's original it-girl, botanical scholar and the inspiration behind the entire Bennett's Hill bar. That's probs for the best being as the entire yarn is a fib of fabulous proportions. Like that £350 million Boris earmarked for the NHS — she never existed. Nevertheless, botany is the focus of the venue, the menu and the cocktails in her honour. And the cocktails get the most attention.

Warner Edwards rhubarb gin and prosecco make the base of The Waterhouse Fizz, our first cocktail-shaped pick that's refreshing and boozy (pictured furthest away). The team add liqueurs of the rhubarb and Crème d’Abricot variety to provide the aforementioned alco-hit, while lemon juice and elderflower soften the thwack.

Next is the Stansfield Sparklet (nearest), the sweet and fruity fun cocktail to answer the fizz’s sophistication. The fun comes by way of gold glittery blackberries. There is Champers in here, honest, but the fruitiness of the blackberries and blueberries are almost enough to make this pass for a health drink. Almost. The Absolut Vodka and Crème de Múre mean this probably doesn’t count towards your recommended five a day. In fact, we asked our GP. It doesn't. Full drinks menu.