Notes on... Pho


There's something life-affirming about chowing down at Pho. From the fragrant, salty, messy broths to the bitter, spicy bite of the accoutrement, we feel an instant ability to take on all the things following a trip to the Vietnamese pretty. And their seasonal additions have ramped up our ability to achieve ten-a-day wildy. Because ten is clearly better than five.

The veggie summer rolls (pictured, top left) are a clean, fresh Y-ELLO to the palate, while the team's new pho — a tender chicken breast, morning glory, green beans and pak choi in a hot and spicy veggie broth (£9.95) was intense in its slurp-worthiness, if a little left of first date territory. After years obsessing over steaming bowls of noodles, our team pick was actually the king prawn cà-ri — a rich curry by Vietnamese standards, with veggies, mushrooms nuts and broken rice. Like many of the main dishes, you can get it with beef brisket, chicken or tofu. But get it with king prawns, because they'd clearly win if it came down to a straight war. Which one day it might. Updated menu.