Notes on... Eureka Kitchen


Curing salmon. It's just not something we'd really thought about. We've eaten it a lot. But the preparation of the stuff, not so much. And under the tutorship of Simpson's head chef, Nathan Eades, learn we did. And he'd be the first person to tell you it's reassuringly simple.

Eureka Kitchen is a development space and cookery school where you skin and cure and whisk and dice, and go nowhere near a wash pot — there are two junior chefs to do all that. In addition to making gnocchi, learning why you should really be roasting your chickens at 80 degrees and whipping up a souffle, get an insight into the workings of a top restaurant. After explaining how the dining room operates, you'll go inside the kitchen, where Chef explained that 90% of the work is completed before service even starts — an aspiration to take away for all and any dinner partying.

This is no ordinary cookery school experience — sip Champagne in Simpson's oasis of a garden while the men in white add some final flourishes to the dishes you've begun. After a good few glasses of the bubbly stuff, head back up to the cookery school, which has become a beautifully set table, for three-courses of wine-paired deliciousness. Ask Chef anything or simply sit back and marvel at how damn good you got at cooking inside a day.

From 9am until about 4pm, it's £150 and includes no more than ten people. Expect to give at least a month's notice to find availability, or get a voucher.