Work wonders that work wonders

It’s September. You might not be back to school, but summer hols are done did'd, and you’re probably firmly re-installed at your ol' faithful desk. The recycled office air, fluorescent lighting and excessive screen time aren't anyone's friend. Go beyond a trip to the water cooler to get a little work happy.


Bring the outdoors in //

As true at work as it is at home, plants give a feeling of life and energy. Add a practical desktop holder. This multi-tasking planter is 100% clinically proven to improve the most overworked of moods.

Plant holder and desk organiser, Trouva - £19.50


Wide eyes //

Hands up if you’re guilty of excessive screen time? That’ll be all of us then. Eyes are dried out by polluted city environments, temp control andcomputer usage. Contact wearers and non-contact wearers alike, give your eyes a rest and a refresh. 

Eye drops, Biotrue - £9.99


Brighten up //

Even if you’re not affected by SAD, natural light can still give a boost during the darker months. This one is compact and can improve your mood and energy levels when it gets dark by mid-afternoon. Eurgh.

Accent LED light, Lloyds Pharmacy - £53.99


Hydrate //

You’re a grown up. You know to drink as much H2O as poss — it'll keep you feeling good and improve concentration. Make it easier to reach your eight glasses a day by drinking at least two of these 800ml water bottles, and infusing with your fave fruits.

Fruit infuser water bottle, Sistema - £12


Fresh faced //

It’s our arch enemy central heating again. It's got a lot to answer for — like dry, tired skin. Feed it with this lifting, hydrating spritz which can be applied on top of your make-up, right at your desk. Perfect. 

Facial mist, Allies of Skin — £48


Take some time //

Give yourself a two minute tea ritual with Bloom's powered peppermint, wheatgrass, liquorice and fennel tea. It’s caffeine free so won’t leave you feeling wired, but is perfect for a natural, midday pick-me-up.

Timeout Tea, Bloom — £10.99



You know that one really annoying colleague? Today isn’t going to be the day you finally lose your schiz with them. Swipe this little blend of floral and essential oils on your pulse points, inhale deeply, and for the love of all the things, WALK AWAY!

Aromatic Stress Treatment, Tata Harper — £72