Notes on.. Environ, Harvey Nichols


Skincare brands promise a lot. Like the promise of eternal youth, a lot. So it was with a cynical heart that I read the benefits of the Environ Active Vitamin facial.Radiant, they said. Younger-looking, they said. Nourished skin, they said. But hang on one serum-slathering minute; they might actually be on to something. 

The treatment was unlike any I've had before, starting with a skin analysis using an imaging booth. You get a detailed view of red areas, spots, lines and sun damage. It’s not kind. ALWAYS APPLY SPF, PEOPLE. And probably make Siobhan, my therapist, your BFF.  She used a pre-cleanse oil, then exfoliated with a clay mask. Pro-tip, Environ don’t do granular exfoliation (using scrubs with micro granules) as this can add to redness. Cleanse two was followed by toner. Vitamin A & C serum was applied using an electrical probe attached to an ionzyme machine. Here comes the science – the machine causes sound waves and currents to penetrate the skin, which apparently allows the product to reach deeper layers of dermis. An alginate mask, made of seaweed mineral extract was then applied all over the face. The mask hardened and was reattached to the machine, before the current was applied again. And ta-da, the mask was peeled off to reveal new me, plus the addition of moisturisers, eye gels and that all important SPF15 – I’ll never leave the house without it again. 

The results were more visibly noticeable than I expected. The lines around my eyes reduced, skin glowing, redness and blemishes confined to the past tense.

The Environ Active Vitamin facial is currently available at Harvey Nichols. Call 0121 616 6000 to book.