Notes on.. EF Medispa Facial


We crawled into EF MEDISPA'S super luxey Edgbaston clinic, a bit hungover, and fairly pissed off that a total rando had just shouted at us in the street for no discernible reason. We floated out, following the best facial we've ever received. The nasty man had gone.

The ultra white clinic is unlike anything in the Midlands, and every EF MEDISPA experience begins with an in-depth consultation — ours ended with our treatment coordinator, Sarah, giving us her mobile number in case we "ever needed anything", and suggesting a Biologique Recherche facial, and an IV infusion drip (when we said a bit hungover...). There wasn't time for the drip that evening, but our therapist Veronica and her magically calming hands were immediately available to help out with the dehydration, *whisper it* wrinkles, and somewhat sallow look we were sporting that day. Every facial at EF MEDISPA is bespoke, and the Biologique Recherche treatment centres round pure ingredients including botanical, marine and biological extracts. After your welcome massage (yep, that's an actual thing), among many lotions and potions, a chilled cleanser, proteins, and mask are applied using a special lifting technique, giving your face a Body Pump-esque workout. When treatment had been completed on just one half of our face, we were given a mirror to note the difference — the plumpness, glow, and a complete lack of wrinkles was unbelievably pronounced. By the end of the facial, our skin couldn't have been more hydrated. And we snuck in the most blissful of naps.
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