Notes on... Willaroos vegan pop-up


If a pop-up and a venue could be BFFs, plant-based Willaroos and plant-filled Kitchen Garden Cafe would be hosting joint birthday parties with joint gift lists. Arriving at the twinkling gates of the Kings Heath cutie, strings of lights led us to the main event.

Willaroos came into existence from the kitchen of founder, Bryony Tinn-Disbury, who left the world of TV design and production in a quest to make plant-based, dairy-free food legit treatsy and tasty. And the good news? A number of Bryony's dishes do that in spades. Be sure to order the BBQ Bonanza burger — a generous jackfruit patty is served in a proper bun with crispy bakon, cheese and a carrot and beets slaw, with the fattest of chips on the side. And just go elasticated rather than scrimping on any course — pudding is 100% obligatory. The date sticky toffee cake was our veggie guest's pick of the pick, while the R.S.V.B (that's the raspberry sexy vegan brownie, of course) was the nut-sprinkled throwback we fell hard for.

Willaroos is back at Kitchen Garden Cafe on Feb 1 and 16. It's £25 for three-courses and you can do the whole booking thing here.