Notes on... Veggie and Vegan food tour


Rhiannon is the self-confessed foodie, founder and guide of Birmingham Food Tours and she is as friendly and knowledgeable as heck. Our veggie tour started at Yorks' Ikon Café, just enough time for some Ceylon and cake. After intros to our fellow tourers and foodie history shiz, we headed to our next stop, Medicine, the pop-up turned permanent bakery on New Street. On hearing ‘hummus and feta on rye bread’, my vegan guest looked disappointed. The disappointment turned into joy on learning 1) the feta was vegan and 2)  avo was involved.
The bharatha (smoked aubergine, toasted over a flame and mixed with ginger, garlic and tomato) and ‘Cannon Hill Park Picnic’ at Indian Streatery were standouts of the day, a selection of veg toasted with fenugreek, cumin and nigella seeds inspired by the family's picnics in the park. The pleasant surprise venue of the tour was 3 Three’s Coffee, where previously unknown to us, everything is vegan, including the dreamy, creamy cherry gelato. We’ve already taken two friends to sample it since.

Normally I’d be a bit dubious of a four-hour walk in pouring rain with total strangers, but a mutual love of our city and some super tasty veggie food concreted us to BFF status by the end of the day. And Rhiannon reeled off so many facts about our home town that we’ve now got enough titbits to see us through all the dinner parties.  
Rhiannon runs other tours and there are plans in the pipeline for Digbeth and JQ tours too. The next Veggie and Vegan tour.