Grown-up soft drinks

If you’re teetotal, just cutting down, or fully throwing yourself into Sober October, going alcohol-free doesn’t have to mean sipping on a flat Pepsi Max from a tap all night. We’ve spoken to cocktail experts for their favourite virgin versions, for you to try at home. Your fanciest drinking receptacle is absolutely necessary, a muddler is optional (but makes you feel the part).


The Watermelon Sour by Seedlip

This drink is fresh, light and herbaceous. And a sweet reminder of summer nights when we’re needing it most.

Ingredients //  Seedlip Garden 108 50ml, basil and watermelon “shrub” (made with 1 small watermelon, handful of basic leaves, apple cider vinegar 240ml, white sugar 340g), dash of egg white

Method // Prepare the basil and watermelon shrub by mixing all the ingredients together in a jar and muddle. Leave overnight to infuse. The next day, strain the mixture over 50ml of Seedlip Garden, a herbal, grassy and sweet non-alcoholic spirit, into a coupe style glass. Add a dash of egg white and garnish with a basil leaf.


Orange is the new crack by The Edgbaston

The cold infusion used in this twist on a Moscow Mule brings out a light, zesty flavour. And with kombucha in the mix, this is basically The Edgbaston's take on a health kick. 

Ingredients // Cold brew lemon verbena 50ml, lime juice 25ml, orange juice 20ml, ginger cordial 20ml, Real Smoke House kombuchared amaranth and candied ginger to garnish

Method // Prepare the cold brew lemon verbena tea 24 hours in advance. Add 6.4g of the tea to 800ml cold water and leave in the fridge to infuse. The next day, construct the cocktail using a classic copper mule mug. Shake and strain the tea over ice cubes. Add the Real Kombucha's Smoke House, an appley-caramely variety that's reminiscent of cider, but without the booze. Top with crushed ice and garnish with the red amaranth and candied ginger.


The Botanical by Harvey Nichols

Those gals over at Harvey Nichols are also fans of Seedlip. Their non-alcoholic bev suggestion is the Botanical, refreshing and herbal. The perfect drink for when you're not drinking. 

Ingredients // Seedlip Garden 108 50ml, cucumber (enough to blend to make 50ml juice), Elderflower cordial 25ml, lemon juice 10ml

Method // Blend the cucumber until you have a smooth juice. Put all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake. This is the moment to demonstrate those cocktail flairing skills of yours. Then, pour the concoction into a short glass (like this cut crystal style one if you're feeling extra fancy) over ice. Garnish with edible flowers like violas or nasturtiums.