Notes On... The Woman in the Window


Fans of Gone GirlThe Girl on The Train and that increasingly popular subgenre of pyschological thriller with a female descriptor in the title will want to add A J Finn’s debut novel The Woman in the Window to their ‘must read’ list.

Dr Anna Fox is a child psychologist that has spent the last ten months house-ridden after a traumatising experience that’s left her severely agoraphobic. Living alone in a huge Brownstone building in New York after her estranged husband and child have left her, she passes the time chatting on forums, drinking and watching every detail of her neighbours' lives unfold from her comfort of her living room window. After hearing a frenzied scream one evening, Anna swears she witnessed something shocking and unforgivable, but the authorities don’t seem to believe her. Self-medicating with wine and prescription drugs, she begins to wonder if she imagined the whole thing. 

Perfect, suspenseful binge-reading material, this is the kind of book that actually makes you want the commute to go slower so you can get through just one more chapter. We recommend you get it soon, the film rights have already been sold to 20th Century Fox. Available to buy or as a download here.