Notes On... Allergy testing


In my early twenties, I was visiting the doctor pretty regularly trying to diagnose a digestion issue that was slowly getting worse. It wasn't completely debilitating but was making everyday life a bit difficult. Ultimately, it was vaguely attributed to ‘stress’ — a catch-all term that didn't give me much clarity on how I could improve my situation. Eventually I stopped trying to work out the cause and instead worked around the issue by cutting out food types I thought triggered the reaction.

Fast forward ten years and I eat a varied but somewhat restricted diet, mainly trying to avoid stone fruits and seeded vegetables. I'm also a veggie that recently cut out caffeine and alcohol. The only vice still going strong is chocolate.

To try and finally get some clarity on whether these restrictions had any medical basis, I decided to get private allergy testing. You can be tested for a huge range of food types, but I opted for the panel that looks at the most common allergies, such as soya, lactose, grass and gluten, and also individual tests for tomato and cucumber, two of the things I most actively avoid. Please god just don’t let me be allergic to Dairy Milk.

Allergies and intolerances can be super serious and it's vital to get them properly diagnosed. It's also good to get tested rather than self-diagnosing and being overly reliant on WebMD. Because guess what reader? I'm not allergic to any of those things. Not a one. Now I'm armed with that knowledge, I'll explore other avenues that might be upsetting my stomach and other possible allergens, without having to restrict what I eat. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to make a tomato and cucumber salad.

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