The New Neutral (don't @ me)

Cast your mind back to the 90s. Leopard print was not held in high regard. It was a signifier of someone that was brassy, or uncouth, or just a bit of a floozy. You know the type, Dorien in Birds of a Feather, your loud aunt. Fast forward to 2018, and those days are a distant memory and a lil bit of animal print is so every day, it’s basically a neutral. Watch the pattern work from the office to a night out-out.

Laidback Casj


Apols in advance for the animal pun, but this long sleeve leopard print jumperis a little bit of wild that can be pared back with simple staples. And while we’re renaissance-ing things lost to days of yore, we might as well bring back flared jeans. Add a cashmere beanie for a pop of colour (and comfiness) and super white sneaks and you’re just the perfect amount of casj. Extra points if you want to dress it up the teensiest notch with a necklace.

The Day Job


If your workplace falls on the absolutely no deviating from plain shirts and trousers end of the workwear spectrum, my thoughts are with you. If you’ve got a bit of flex, now is the time for animal print to come into its neutral own. This blouse is a mix of the two most office-friendly colours known to womankind, black and white, so will match the rest of your office-based wardrobe. But it demands attention and adds an air of decadence. Derby brogues are a classic that no manager can frown at, add wide-legged croppedtrousers for a relaxed look, or more tailored trews to dress it up. Give it some subtle colour with this khaki tote.

Date Night


Trust Reiss to nail the grown-up animal print moment. Their version is this hand-drawn, soft and feminine dress; the polar opposite of what we’ve come to expect from the SHOUTING IN YOUR FACE kind of loud leopard patterns of before. If this is all a bit too girly, add some black leather by way of killer heeled boots and hardware with a cross-body bag. Black resin hoop earrings and vampy lip colour give the look an edge.