Notes on... The Walk

Did you know interactive podcasts are a thing? They’re totally a thing. The Walk is a thriller in which the listener plays an active part, both literally and figuratively as they're encouraged to get outside and walk as they listen. Written by Naomi Alderman (The Power) and developed by Six to Start (behind the fitness app, Zombies, Run!) this is a dystopian podcast with a difference.

Starting in Inverness station, you, ‘The Walker’ are on the run from a group of terrorists and are trying to deliver a package to Edinburgh, but transport links and communications have been destroyed. The tension is heightened with atmospheric sounds for full immersive effect but it’s not all heavy-going action. There are moments of light relief to allow your heart rate to slow momentarily before the next disastrous turn of events.

With each episode just long enough to venture about two miles, The Walk can help create good exercisey habits, or just add a dash of drama to your commute. There are 31 episodes in total and the eighth has just been uploaded. They’re only 25 minutes long, so you can get up to speed with the action and y’know, help continue the existence of the human race.

Download all previous episodes here.