Notes on... Crystal Clear at Flint+Flint

Lord knows we’re big into relaxy, natural, new age spa treatments. But we’re also recent converts to Flint+Flint’s ‘anti-spa’ concept — dark salons with neon lights and fancy skincare science that actually works. The Crystal Clear COMCIT treatment is super sciencey — COMCIT is short for Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy. See what we mean?
The treatment starts off with a cleanse and gentle exfoliation. So far, so normal. Next up – Cryo Oxygen and a micro-channelling roller. The roller has lots of tiny needles – but don’t worry, they’re not injecting anything, we’re still legit terrified of that. The needles make totally not painful, microscopic channels in the skin, allowing the ingredients to reach deeper than they would be able to sitting on the surface.
Okay, so we’re not 100% sure we understand how it works, but work it surely does. We’ll fess up – the mention of needles had us worried that we’d leave the clinic bright red and sore, but instead we stepped out make-up free and feeling fresh. And the effects were surprisingly long-lasting. Rather than feeling rejuvenated until one bad nights’ sleep leaves you back at square one, two weeks later our skin is still feeling plump and smooth.

Yours for £120 at Flint+Flint in the Mailbox.