Affordable interior upgrades

The average cost of repainting a two bedroom house is £2,000. That’s for the painting alone. Holy smokes. What to do if chez vous is looking a bit tired, but you don’t want to shell out that kind of cash? We got you. And we've got quick fixes to inject life into any interior and they don't require any serious commitment (or money), whether you're renting or home-owning.

Add plants


Budget level: ££
Greenery is a failsafe refresh and totes scalable to your budget. A few pot plants will brighten a room, but the addition of a feature plant like this Monstera Deliciosa from Patch is a joy-inducing statement. Swiss cheese plants are super easy to care for and this one's charmingly called Chaz, so that doubles up on the joy levels.

Splash of colour


Budget level: £
The most permanent update to make the list, add a pop to an understated corner with a bright accent colour. We're partial to this shade of Little Greene yellow in an otherwise monotone setting, and equally effusive about the occasional bright pink interior door. This particular yellow is charmingly called Trumpet, just FYI.

Replace handles


Budget level: £££
If you're renting and hate your kitchen room sitch — or any room for that matter — Superfront have all the answers. Okay, maybe just the furniture upgrade kinda answers. They make beaut doors, handles and legs that fit to IKEA frames, so you can fancify that tired kitchen. Or wardrobe. Or bathroom cabinet. Or all of the above. Switch back to the original handles when you move out, and take your glorious ones to the new place.

Swap out cushion covers


Budget level: ££
We’re of the firm belief that there is no such thing as too many cushions. Add to that cushion covers. We swap them out more often than is cool to admit, but a new cushion combo gives life to a boring bed or sofa. That's our excuse and we're sticking to it. We love how use different tones and shapes.

Dramatic curtain DIY


Budget level: £
Take a plain pair of curtains and do a dip dye DIY, with minimum overheads. For extra frugality points — use some curtains you already own. Follow the step-by-step process here and create an impactful window scene for pennies. Maybe match it with those new cushion covers you've just bought? 

Change lighting


Budget level: £££
Lighting is important, you guys. It can make a huge difference to a space. Rental spaces usually come with awful, migraine inducing main lights. Switch them out with Heal's opal lanterns for a soft glow that will feel serene AF. If that's still too much, use small table lights to diffuse light around the space and never touch the big light switch again.