Notes on... Lewis's

We need some more girls in here / Couple a Chantelles and Chanelles in here / So pass me the bitter let me get heavy on / Buff ting gally rude boy sling it on / There's too many man, too many many man /

Not exactly the most Bell & Smokey of lyrics, but when you're ordering two Menemen for brunch, trust us, it's hard to get the lyrics of Two Many Man by English grime collective, Boy Better Know, out of your head. So hard in fact that we found ourselves rap battling the lyrics with a neighbouring table the moment the waitress was gone.

When she returned she bought with her a meal of Moseley-shaking magnitude. Menemen, for the uninitiated, consists of slow-cooked onions, peppers and butter beans in a slightly spiced tomato sauce. Well that's what the menu says. We'd say it's a bowl of warmth and goodness that curls up in your belly and makes you want to freakydeeky. It dances upon that tricksy middle-ground of being completely filling but healthy in feel. Ladle the richness onto the sourdough toast and dunk that toast into the gooey poached egg, then bite your way into oozy oblivion.

At Lewis's the drinks menu is almost as fun as the food. World peace-solving levels of self righteousness can be found in the Super Green Juice that chucks apple, kiwi, pear, spinach, cucumber and mint into the mixer, and they all hit it off like life-long chums.