Notes on... What the health

Honey is not vegan. And for a cow to produce milk, it needs to be lactating (so have recently given birth). When you think about it, these are two pretty obvious facts, but until we watched What the Health — between you and us — they were not facts we'd grasped.

The totally Netflixable look at the US food industry, and its links with conditions like diabetes, follows the earnest looking Kip Anderson around all sorts of America. And by golly it makes you think. Why do we innately believe cow milk is good for us, and better, for example, than dog milk? What's the deal with carbohydrates — are they really causing all this weight gain? Why are so many health-related charities sponsored by organisations with negative links to the condition the charity claims to champion?

If you're looking for a balanced take on veganism vs everything else, look elsewhere — Anderson carefully selects his "facts" and offers little in the way of plausible counter-arguments. But if you're in the mood for a genuinely interesting alternative perspective give What the Health a look-see. Despite shouting at the TV over some of the bold claims Anderson pushes, for the first time in our lives, we bought a dairy alternative the next time we were shopping for milk.