Notes on... Thaali making at Loaf


We can't find anything we really want to watch on Netflix either. A completely gorgeous and alternative way to spend a school night is learning to create thaali — ridonc good for you, coin-purse friendly and envy-inducing when you recreate it for your pals. All very freezable too — dang we're growing up.

Class is led by the will-wish-you-were-related-to, Haseen from Pop Up Dosa. You'll learn to make five little dishes (pictured) which all do slightly different things to your tongue: with sweet, salt, bitter, sour and spicy tangs all coming through on a single plate (that yes, you will eventually get to devour).

We found the experience of making the entirely veggie (and largely vegan) dishes hugely cathartic, with similar techniques being used across a number of dishes, so you could start to get nods of approval from Haseen, who tries every dish, recommending extras to suit your palate. And learning how to cook saambar has been a waste-avoiding revelation — you can add in pretty much whatever is veering close to binnable in your fridge, and it just seems to improve the dish. A smile-filled experience with dishes you can have a really good go at with little more than a frying pan. Tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM!

A few spots remain for the next class on March 20, from 6.30pm. Book (£70).