Ones to watch

Thursday is International Women’s Day. Rather than sit around and count how many people say “hey, but men don’t get a day” (they do, it’s Nov 19 this year), we spoke to some rising stars of the region, already doing brillo things. Be inspired, be proud of your city, and be optimistic for the future. 

The Architect //


Anna Parker // Founder of Intervention Architecture

Intervention Architecture is a RIBA (super important architectural org) Rising Star finalist that has been featured in Dezeen and every other cool architecture mag. Despite being a young firm, their projects to date have been bold and adventurous. Our faves are The Choir Singer's House in Moseley and the Double Vault House in Solihull. They're changing the way architecture is done, focussing on openness and collaboration and designing for any budget.
Talking about the future, Anna says "as curious designers, we want to further our collaborative work with creative partners, working locally and nationally, on a variety of project scales". They plan to continue doing what they love every day, challenging ideals and working together to deliver their vision.

The Community Leader //


Immy Kaur // Co-founder and Director of Impact Hub Birmingham

Immy is co-founder of the collaborative work space Impact Hub, which successfully crowdfunded over £65,000 on Kickstarter at its inception, with more than 650 people backing the campaign. Impact Hub began as an idea to start a TEDx and grew into an opportunity to build, fund and grow a community committed to a fairer, more just and more equal city.

Immy was also a founding member of TEDxBrum and has curated it for the past five years. Despite no longer being at the helm, Immy's got high hopes for the city, particularly the emerging TEDxYouth@Brum team. She says, “Birmingham’s talent is bad ass, what I want to see more of is smart, ambitious investment and trust in this talent”.

The Radical Trendsetter //

Jordan Garvey // Founder of RadBab

Rad Bab is a new clothing range with its roots firmly in Birmingham. Jordan Garvey is the founder and a Brummie through and through. It's the Rad Bab mission to be radically ethical. All their stock is made with organic cotton and ethically traded products. All orders are wrapped in 100% recyclable packaging. They're currently working on a relaunch and developing new designs, but we're big into this Feminist tote.

Jordan hopes to inspire others to take risks in the hope of making their dreams a reality. Although the journey hasn't been particularly easy for Jordan, not least financially, she says that her greatest achievement has been sticking at it and pursuing her vision for the company. 

The Childcare Revolutionary // 


Amy Martin // Founder of FAMALAM

Childcare is often unaffordable and inflexible. Creative Producer Amy is looking to change that, by developing new, innovative models that challenge the status quo. Amy founded FAMALAM in 2015. It began as a prototype pop-up creche and co-working space at Impact Hub, offering flexible childcare for the children of artists and freelancers. The project led to the #radicalchildcare initiative. 

Amy has won awards for her work and spoken at TEDx on the subject of childcare. FAMALAM now stages events that explore parenting and play, and Amy and Impact Hub are looking to open a Children’s Hub in Birmingham — a community space championing childhood. Follow their journey.