Notes on... Ugly Delicious

Dream dinner party guest, David Chang, travels the world as he visits food hotspots to dissect comfort goodies like fried chicken, tacos and pizza. It might not always be pretty, but blimmin' hell it's tasty. Be warned: never watch this show on an empty stomach.

Korean-American Chang doesn't come across as a fancy French-trained type (although he has worked in some serious kitchens). He’s best known as the founder of the Momofuku Group, a collection of North American restaurants, from super affordable noodle bars, to Ko, the most exquisite two star Japanese dining room. What unites Chang's kitchens, and the themes in Ugly Delicious is celebrating the very best in taste and food. Chang puts zero sway behind pretension for pretension's sake — you'll only find foams and tweezers and big bills where the taste and experience justifies it. In fact, expect a lot of getting-hands-duurrrty kinda cooking.  

With the help of food writer Peter Meehan (the pair's decades long friendship jumps out of the screen and into your heart/tummy) and the occasional cameo from recognisable faces, Chang breaks down cultural barriers finding the commonality in foods from all over the world. Barbecuing is essentially just cooking something over embers, is it not? So why isn’t Korean BBQ appreciated in the same way as the well-loved American style? By taking the snobbery out of good food, this is a show appreciating good food, whether you like to dine out at the best Michelin starred joints or are more of a Domino's kinda gal.

Just make sure you bring snacks.