Notes on... Salcooks

We once went to a wedding where Portuguese egg custard tarts were flown in for midnight munching. At the time it struck us as potentially excessive, but by God we've been on a quest to find those joy-giving little loves,  without the need for a plane, ever since. Last week that quest came to the most glorious of ends. 

Enter Salcooks, a small but perfectly formed pop-up offering Portuguese lunching and caking out of Arch 33 in the JQ, otherwise known as where Peel & Stone used to sort you out. Both accomplished bakers in their own right, Sal and Rute — the women behind Salcooks — are bringing their country-spanning experience together to make your tummy happier.

On Sal's advice, we opted for Feijoada, a deliciously meat heavy traditional stew of pork belly, shoulder and chorizo, with plenty of beans and greens thrown in. Be warned though: it’s only available on Fridays. For every other day there’s pies, croquettes, sandwiches and salads for the bagging. In fact, the meat suspicious member of our party opted for the pimentão aubergine sandwich on Salcooks’ own 'Bolo do Caco bread' (which roughly translates to 'mmmhhhh') and was not disappointed. The undisputed champ here was however, was the egg custard tart we took back to the office. With or without the cinnamon and icing sugar toppings, we recommend snaffling as many as they have left, which will be none if you leave your lunching too late.

Open Monday to Friday, 11.30am til 2.30pm, for the next couple of months. There’s a couple of seats tucked inside, but with St Paul's Square a minute away, take out is a strong option. Menu.