Happy Feet

On any normal weekday, you’re just pleased if you’ve managed to shower and get on the bus by 8am. But this won't be an ordinary weekday. June 1 is the first day of Birmingham International Dance Festival and Morning Gloryville will have you up and raving by 7am. Leftfoot DJs, yoga and smoothies will make sober raving easy, dare we say just as the press release claims, exhilarating? The exercise is just an added bonus. So we’ll see you down the front, oui?
Victoria Square, Jun 1st, 7am -10am. Tickets here.


Raves aren’t exactly your thang? Worry not. With virtual reality, exhibitions, and martial arts-inspired dance-offs in the street — this year's BIDF's got everything and everyone covered. Any preconceptions about boring arts events are embarrassingly inaccurate. Do check out the full programme, but here's some highlights to get in that diary ASAP.



A machine isn’t the ideal dance partner, surely? Multihyphenate dancer-choreographer-circus artist Satchie Noro rewrites all the rules as she moves seamlessly with the imposing, mechanical metal structure in Origami.

Where? Various locations
When? June 22nd-24th


Air & La Grande Phrase

Think dance is all high brow and dead serious like? Rethink that thought. Didier Theron Company’s production of Air sees four dancers in inflatable, pink, latex suits bounce and move in hilarious and intricate ways. Forgettable, this one ain’t.
Where? Victoria Square
When? June 9th-10th, 2.30pm


Dedicated To

Candoco Dance Company is made up of disabled and non-disabled artists, and their mission is to use dance to change perceptions of ability. The duet Dedicated To by Caroline Bowditch is a love letter to life, to women and to the bonds we make throughout our lives.
Where? Victoria Square
When? June 9th, various times



French and Malian hip-hop company Dyptik put the audience at the centre of D Construction. Playing with ideas of public space and what unites and separates us, the performers climb on scaffolding and get right up close with the spectators. And that's about as close to audience participation as we're comfortable with tbh.
Where? Victoria Square
When? June 8th, 6pm and 8.30pm