Caulifornia Dreamin'

No, we didn't get round to stocking our fridge this weekend either, despite the extra day. But we've got your back on din-dins tonight. It's super simple to maximise evening sun time, and there's a shopping list and everything. Here's how editor Laurie got on with a totally vegan recipe supplied by Frankie from BA-HA, the plant-based gurus currently based at 1000 Trades.

Shopping List

    •    Cauliflower
    •    Mediterranean veg — sweet potato, red onion and courgettes for example
    •    Fresh garlic
    •    Onion
    •    Chives
    •    Salad leaves — spinach, rocket, mixed leaf or any seasonal leaf
    •    Fresh lime
    •    Chia seeds and sunflower seeds
    •    Chilli-infused hemp oil
    •    Seasonings — salt, pepper, parsley, chilli
    •    Nutritional yeast to taste


Step One

Quickly dice up your chosen selection of mediterranean veg. Season with salt, pepper, chives and parsley, then either rub the veg with a garlic-infused oil, or throw some crushed garlic cloves in with a little chilli hemp oil. Place on a tray, on baking parchment and cook at 180°C until al dente — approximately after half an hour.
Frankie's top tip: Over-cooking the veg will result in a stew like medley, not what we're trying to achieve. Test after 20 minutes. 


Step Two

Once the veg has gone into the oven, start to prep the cauliflower. Pulse the florets in a blender until you achieve a cous cous like consistency, but careful not to over blitz, you want it to be light, fluffy and separated. Place in a bowl and season with garlic, salt, pepper, chives and nutritional yeast. BA-HA like to use a lil squeeze of fresh lime juice for zing. Using your hands, mix thoroughly.
Frankie's top tip: for best results, treat the cauli cous cous like rice. Season immediately and don't leave sitting in any moisture. 


Step Three

Once your veg is prepared, lightly brush a dish with a little chilli-infused hemp oil for a subtle taste and place your cooked veg in the centre. Take a tablespoon and place your desired amount of cauliflower cous cous around the roasted veg, creating an outer circle. Finish by garnishing with salad leaves and with a sprinkle of sunflower and chia seeds.
Frankie's top tip: Depending on how much you love chilli-infused oil treat yourself to a little drizzle and finish with a squeeze of lime. Enjoy!

BA-HA will be resident at 1000 Trades until Jun 2. Make a booking.