Notes On... Dosa at Loaf

There’s a big difference between being a competent cook in your own home and being amongst a group of foodie strangers in Loaf's profesh kitchen. But if the idea is a bit intimidating, the reality is a delight.

Chef Haseen oversaw proceedings, giving enough instruction so there weren’t any MasterChef style meltdowns, but enough free rein to try out our newly acquired dosa knowledge first-hand. He shared his secrets on how to prepare the South Indian speciality using completely vegan and gluten free ingredients, starting with the sambar, a type of vegetable stew native to Kerala. Haseen, also native to Kerala btw, recommends using absolutely any veg you've got in your fridge (apart from broccoli. He vehemently doesn't want you to use broccoli in your sambar, okay?). We used aubergine, carrots, peas and squash. Next up was the Gunpowder chutney, as fiery as the name suggests, made by toasting urid dal and rice, adding spices and mixing with oil to get an almost sandy texture. Final stage – dosa-ing: made with idli rice and urid dal, and Haseen emphasised getting the perf batter consistency is key.

Then the final, final stage – eating. All the budding dosa chefs sat down to try out the results, giving us a chance to hear some final tips and anecdotes from chef, and marvel at how darned profesh we'd become in one evening.

The next Dosa class is on July 17 and costs £65.

Image: Jack Spicer Adams

Image: Jack Spicer Adams