The 4am Club

How often are you frustrated by the amount of sleep you got the night before? Discussions on 11pm til 7am (as if), seem to be part of our daily lexicon, and if you're aiming to create a peaceful bedroom, it's about more than just blocking out external noise and getting black-out curtains. The experts at Neptune in Edgbaston Village gave us the DL on how a soothing environment might help you achieve those elusive eight hours.

1 // A soothing palette


Let’s go right back to interiors lesson 101. The colour scheme in a room is kinda key to creating a relaxing space. The palette needs to be cosy and warm, but also light and fresh. Tones like dark greys, sage greens or pale pink are soothing and definitely not boring.

2 // Choosing The One


Picking a mattress can seem like a bit of a minefield. Do you pick open springs? Pocket springs? High definition springs are even an actual thing now. Have you considered those, hmm? A good mattress should provide support for the natural curves and alignment of the spine. It's largely down to individual preference, but medium-firm mattresses usually provide more back support.

3 // Clutter-free


Sorry to sound like your mother, but tidy house, tidy mind is annoyingly true. Creating a calming environment means getting rid of clutter. Make like Marie Kondo and only keep close those things that are essential and ‘spark joy’. A minimal bedside table can hold the essentials. There’s no need to have five unread books, a phone bill and an empty tea cup next to your bed. 

4 // Cool and calm


Warmer weather calls for new bed linen. Sarah McDonald at Neptune suggests linen or brushed cotton — both feel soft against the skin but are also breathable, to help you sleep more soundly. And as for pillows, Neptune’s got a nifty way to test them. Fold your pillow in half. If it bounces back to its original shape, it’s good. If it stays folded, it’s time to go pillow shopping.

5 // Switch off


Work pressures might make it feel like it’s necessary to have your phone on and within bleary-eyed grabable reach, but no-one should expect a reply at 11pm. The artificial blue light emitted by phones messes with your internal body clock, so try to turn them off at least 30 minutes before bed. The Sleep Foundation recommend reading instead, and the Kindle can stay, because it doesn’t give off that icky light. Bonne nuit!