Notes on... The Staircase

Sounds like a 70s B-movie horror about a murderous flight of stairs and the uncanny number of accidents that befall those who descend them, right? It's not. But we'd probably watch that.

What this is, is Netflix's latest must-watch, 13-part true crime doco. The first eight episodes were filmed in 2003 and released soon after. Two extras were filmed for a special in 2011 and the final three episodes are new. The creators of Making A Murderer consulted The Staircase's director, Jean-Xavier Lestrade, before crafting their runaway hit and this has just as many twists coming from possibly even less foreseeable hidey holes, as the 2015 binger.  

On 9 December, 2001, in North Carolina, Kathleen Peterson and her husband Michael drank two bottles of wine before going outside to sit by their swimming pool and smoke. Kathleen went to bed and an hour later, Michael followed. He found her at the foot of their staircase, fighting for her life. She died in his arms.

Well, that's what Michael says. Police, such is their way, aren't so sure, and the pattern of injuries to Kathleen's head tell a different story. Or do they?

Prepare to be hooked, spun, played and re-played as a 16 year trial unfolds, throughout which you'll be consistently staggered at the sort of access people allow television crews into their lives. And into their deaths. The deets