Tracey Emin said "It's harder to find a good female artist than a good prime minister." Not the case around these parts, Trace. The city’s art scene has always been pretty bangin’ and these young women are making waves in the art world in the Midlands and beyond. Get to know them.


For Laura, it’s all about the eyes. They’re the starting point of all her work, creating a focal point for each piece. The rest of the face and body is subtly suggested with lines and strokes of colour, but the eyes are always clear and precise. Laura’s lovely illustrations are featured on Sweet Theatre chocolate packaging, on sale in Fortnum and Mason and the RSC. Kind of a big deal. Her work is available here.


Olivia's optimistic, ethereal work first caught our eye at the recent New Art West Midlands exhibition. She mixes natural, found objects with geometric and futuristic elements to create other-worldly, abstract pieces. Olivia graduated from Birmingham School of Art with an MA in Fine Art and is now a visiting lecturer at BCU, as well as a practising artist. She’s also part of Haarlem Art Space in Derbyshire. View her shop here.


Colour and mark making are the foundations of Rachel's charming, bold style. Her bright and beaut work takes inspo from city landscapes and urban street scenes. Rachel, who lives in Sutton Coldfield and has a studio in Lichfield, has been a self-employed artist for over five years now, an impressive feat in itself. Her art has been in homes around the world, from New York to Dubai. Contact her directly to buy her work, or locally you can see her pieces in Artifex in Sutton Coldfield.


Angular animals, portraits of musical legends and something of the occult are the elements that have created an air of mystery around Annatomix's street art. She calls Birmingham home and her work often takes the form of large scale murals, around the city and further afield. The city has been a big influence on the mood of her art, as she "has a weird fondness" for dirty concrete, crumbling bricks and rust. She sees the city as a 'work in progress' and takes inspiration from nature trying to claim back the parts that have been neglected. Buy directly via the shop or contact her for a commission