Notes on... Victoria Brown Yoga


When I signed up to yoga classes at the Glasshouse next to The Village pub in Moseley, my main motivation was to just move a bit more. My Monday to Friday sedentary office job sitch meant my step count barely reached 1,000 most days and a shoulder injury from teenage years was only getting worse. 

Victoria's Saturday morning classes are an Ashtanga-inspired flow class, which to the yoga newbie, doesn’t mean much. In practice, the class focuses on breathing and flowing from one movement to the next —  you’re almost constantly moving during the 60 minutes. Victoria talks through each move but always gives modifications if you’re less flexible or for those that want to push themselves further. It’s certainly sweaty and taxing. But for this previously self-confessed inflexible, exercise averse person, something is changing.

The first breakthrough came when my toes touched the floor behind by head during a once completely incomprehensible plough pose. And since then I’ve started to notice small improvements each week. I’m starting to master crow. What next, a head stand? Maybe.

From originally just wanting to tone up a bit, finding a regular yoga practice has improved my mental wellbeing as well as physical. Turning up to class each Saturday morning and seeing small victories makes you feel like you can probably take on some of life’s bigger obstacles too. And that shoulder injury? A distant memory.  

Victoria is going to be opening a new studio in Moseley's private park soon. Contact her for info on classes.