Notes on... Butterfly Effect


When you think of comedy, you probably don’t associate it with kindness. Sweeping generalisations, jokes at the expense of others, and best of British to you if you're sitting on the front row. 

Juliette Burton’s acclaimed and sold-out-at-Edinburgh stand up show, Butterfly Effect, is refreshingly free of stereotypes and fun poking. In her so-called 'docucomedy', Juliette investigates the power of being kind-hearted. And we’re here for it. 

Touching on issues that aren't usually that lol-inducing, like mental health and eating disorders, Juliette uses laughter to bring people together and get them talking about important, and sometimes kinda awkward topics. She’s starting a one-woman revolution to inspire us to look at ourselves, and others, in a more positive way. And can those small acts of niceness add up to make the world a better place? We’re willing to give it a hecking good try.

See Juliette’s show at The Rep on Sept 15, tickets are here. It’s part of their Stand Up Comedy season that runs until Nov.