Notes On... Dough


Guess what the theme of Dig Brew’s new Dough is. Go on. Guess. Serving pizza, dough ball sides and doughnut for dessert, Dough has nailed its colours to its doughy mast. And with good reason.

A short menu is a strong start; they know what works and they’re sticking to it. A menu with names like ‘Spyro The Dragon’ and ‘Hildegard von Bingen’ is even better. Hildegard was a German Benedictine saint and composer by the way. I’m not sure what her connection is to pizza either.

Much like Joey, Laurie doesn't share food. So the 20 inch half and half option (£20) is ideal for non-sharers like me and my unfortunate accompanying diners; everyone can choose their own toppings. If I tell you I had one half of a Kenneth Sean Carson (that's Ken Doll’s full name, dontchaknow), it probably doesn’t give much away. The Sloppy Joe base is a convincingly genuine ragu like a proper Nonna would make, and the cream cheese filled piquant peppers give the pizza just the right amount of heat. The other half, the Spyro had a deep smokey BBQ warmth with pulled brisket and scamorza. And don’t forget some garlic butter for dunkin’ those crusts.

I urge you not to pass on the opportunity here for extra dough in the form of baked balls of the stuff. The surprise and possible highlight of the evening was the team's 'nduja, honey and Grana Padano dough balls (£6) — just the right amount sticky sweet, cheesy and garlicky.

Dough's menu changes each month, so Ken ain’t gonna be around forever. Dig Brew and Dough are open Thurs - Sat.