Notes On... Sky By The Water


If someone blindfolded you, put you on a train at New Street, and removed the blindfold only after pushing you through the doors of Sky By The Water, you probably wouldn’t think you were at Resorts World, or even in Birmingham. You’d probably also be like  “Why did you blindfold me? That was kind of traumatic” but then “Wow this place is beautiful, can I live here now?”

As well as a subtle name change—and I know from first-hand experience that name changes can only mean good things— what was previously The Sky Bar has been completely refitted. And the new décor is colourful, decadent and kinda dramatic. Think jewel colours, green velvets and deep blue leather with gold and copper fittings. It's worth a trip for the neon 'Cheers!' light in the loos alone, taking a selfie with it is totally optional but heavily recommended.

The visit wasn't just to gawp at light fittings however, I also had the very serious job of eating cakes and sandwiches. Taking control of all things Afternoon Tea related is Head Pastry Chef Darryl Collins, an actual finalist from actual Bake Off: The Professionals, so you know he’s a big deal. And boy are those pastries a big deal. Make sure you leave space after sarnies for the very special sweets; a celebratory shout goes to the mango and coconut petit gateau, a summery delight with light mango mousse, coconut and sponge which has been sprayed in coconut butter. But the highlight of sweet-toothed highlights is the malted milk macaron, a light and chocolatey heaven-sent mouthful, daubed on top with a dash of gold. 

See the Afternoon Tea menu here.