All the ladies

Friday’s a huge day in the feminist calendar. Maybe the biggest of them all. We've all got it circled in red pen, right? It’s International Women’s Day, and rather than clear a space in your diary to correct trolls on Twitter by telling them that International Men’s Day does exist (it’s on November 19) get down to these awesome happenings supporting local ladies. And prepare to feel pumped about the ace-ness of women in this city.


Once Upon A Time In Birmingham: Women Who Dared To Dream is a book celebrating the achievements of 30 inspiring women from... Coventry! Lol jk. Its aim is to inspire our next generation of female achievers, leaders and pioneers. And I’m here for it. On Sunday, Waterstones is hosting an event where women involved in the book’s creation will share their stories.

Insta queens Rida and Rabya set up Gxlentines as a place for women, non-binary and gender fluid Instagrammers to meet up IRL. Their event on Saturday promises to be full of our favourite things; food, music, chats and poetry. And even if you're not on the 'gram, you're still welcome. Winner! Tickets are £20 with some availability to pay less if you need to.


The keynote at tomorrow's West Midlands Women's Voice event comes from Dr Helen Pankhurst, a women’s rights activist and author. And if that surname’s looking kinda familiar, she’s also the great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst and granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst, who you’ve very probably heard of. There are other talks happening on the day too.


Those good eggs at the Hippodrome are hosting a whole day of events, including a mini-in-size but maxi-in-goodness Makers’ Market in their foyers between 4 and 9pm on Friday. Some of our faves will be there, like Karen Beard CeramicsB18 Leather and Wild Floss. Go and support some independent ladies and prescribe yourself a short course of retail therapy. 


If you like your history a little bit on the morbid side of things, well I'm not here to judge, so how about a leisurely stroll around Key Hill cemetery? The guided tour will introduce you to women workers and residents from the Jewellery Quarter and you'll get an insight into how the lives and rights of women compare now to 100 years ago. March 23, tickets are precisely £4.99.


For a proper IWD party, on Saturday Supersonic is putting on a female-focussed night of super cool bands, like locals Youth Man (pictured) and Bas Jan, an experimental post-punk trio of women. There’ll also be djs djing (what else would you expect them to do?) until late. And, of course, no reputable night out-out would be complete without a glitter station. Tickets