Notes On... Yoga Sundays


On Sunday morning, I unrolled my yoga mat at Medicine Bakery and Gallery on New Street, surrounded by the current Ikon exhibition Forward: New Art from Birmingham on the walls.

As well as a bakery making very, very special bread and cakes daily, Medicine has an airy exhibition space and on the first and third Sunday morning of every month, Claire teaches an hour of dynamic and restorative yoga here. A happy balance for a Sunday morning so you can feel smug about stretching by 10am on the sabbath, but not feel like a shell of a human being for the rest of the day.

And there’s something about being surrounded by art that elevates the experience. While my mind might wander normally while lying on my back in eye of the needle pose, instead I found myself looking up at Tereza Bušková’s Spring Equinox and feeling more focussed. Exercise improves cognition by increasing blood flow to the brain, and Claire’s combination of hatha and yin was a gentle opportunity to tune in to my body in an inspiring, unusual setting. And as you get a hot drink after class as part of the entry fee, it'd seem almost rude to not add a freshly-baked cronut to your order. 

Details on upcoming classes here.