Notes On... Flint+Flint


Is the pressure okay? You know the masseuse is going to say it, but are you brave enough to answer the question honestly? After an early twenties of being terribly British and polite about the whole thing, I've spent the last five years unequivocally asking for a firmer massage. Until I found Flint + Flint’s bamboo version that is.

If getting knots out of your shoulders is as ethereal for me as it is for you — short of some rather pricey trips to Asian spas — the Mailbox clinic is your new treatment BFF. Save for the first and final 30 seconds, this was a full-on massage, seeking out tension and relentlessly destroying it. Though slight looking, my therapist first used her hands, arms and elbows to find my muscular lumps and bumps and then applied pressure using warm bamboo canes. She went on to use the ends of the canes to get very well acquainted with that impossible to reach bit under my shoulder blades before returning to the tops of my shoulders and neck, which began the treatment with a texture akin to bricks. Approximately 27 little clicks later, the effects of working at a desk for the last ten years felt almost entirely reversed and my upper body was way more effective at my next workout. 

Not a first-timers intro to the world of firm massages but an immensely satisfying, no filler experience that you will feel the effects of.

A bamboo massage at Flint + Flint costs from £55 (for 25 minutes).