Notes On... Deadwood


I'm not saying that geniuses necessarily beget geniuses, but my three-year-old can play the Peppa Pig theme tune on a seven-key xylophone that's missing two keys. Completely unrelated, Miloš Forman was one hell of a movie director before his death, last year. His filmography includes One Flew Over A Cuckoo's Nest, Amadeus, The People Vs Larry Flint and Man On The Moon. And his twin sons, Petr and Matěj are, for the first time in the UK, bringing a cast of 20 acrobats, dancers, singers and musicians to The Rep to perform Deadtown, a Wild West humdinger that sounds nuts in all the right ways. Just like their dad.

Using a mix of silent movies, live action, 3D and magic (sounds easy), it's set in early 20th Century Prague where a conjuror, illusionist, and cabaret owner is obsessed with the technical miracles of his times: film, photography, the phonograph. He fantasises about riding across the plains of Arizona, drinking with weather-beaten gunslingers and, because his life is a constant balancing act between illusion and reality, he's rather adept at embarking on journeys into dream world. Don't know about you, but I fancy joining him. And the clincher? You can then join him at the bar. When the show is over, audiences can step onto the stage to spend the rest of the night with the actors at the saloon which is part of the set. Like I said, nuts in all the right ways. (TC)

Deadtown plays The Rep June 27 to 29 as part of BE Festival. Prices start from a seriously tempting £10.